Spiritual vodka

In a fast-paced, complicated world we wanted to create a spirit that represents the very essence of pure.​

Each batch of Spiritual Vodka is charcoal filtered, distilled seven times and blended with pure New Zealand water - for theultimate in pure, clarity. The result, is a smooth sipping versatile drink that truly comes to life when served STRAIGHT UP, with chilled soda andfrozen fruit, and in cocktails, like our signature Espresso Martini. 

While we knew the vodka we had distilled was good, it was the judges who deemed it to be truly exceptional. 

A few years and nine international spirit awards later, we’re proud to say we truly have crafted an new-world vodka andacross the southern hemisphere, people are starting to realise just how great it really is.

The exception to the rules

Spiritual Vodka, celebrates the exceptions to the rules, having taken our inspiration from the people that defy conventions, stereotypes and expectations.

We put our love and energy into making each batch of our vodka as pure as possible and taking it to the places that are redefining the world we live in. 

Put simply it’s exceptional vodka for exceptional people in exceptional places.

We set off with two simple goals:
- To prove that exceptional quality vodka need not come at an exceptional cost,
- To show people around the world what the new world of vodka has to offer.​

While we chase our dreams, the very essence of our brand is to celebrate and ignite the exceptional things happening around us.
Using our resources we’re seeking out the next generation of taste-makers, to help them turn passions into projects and projects into exceptional experiences. 
Why? Because exceptional things happen everyday, sometimes they just need a helping hand.

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